Without a doubt, the bong is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Its small integrated water filtration system makes each shot smoother and creamier. If you’re not a big fan of things that make you cough, like reeds, this is the ideal method for you. Head to the Toke planet headshop today!

But aside from this benefit, using a bong has many other notable benefits. And you may not be fully aware of it. This article deals with the many advantages of using a bong and is written for those who never want to part with their water pipe, but also for those who still have a lot to learn. Welcome to the big world of bongs.

Bongs can be simple plastic pipes, but also huge instruments with ice chambers, percolators and incredible glass workings. However, the bong can also offer a safer way to consume cannabis than the joint.

Bongs, often discreetly referred to as “water pipes”, exhibit a typical cylindrical structure, with a broad base that contains water. The bowl is fixed to the outside of the bong via a tube with one end immersed in water. Consequently, the smoke will have to pass through the water before being inhaled through the mouthpiece.

This allows for smoother hits, while the bubbles produce a nostalgic gurgle.

Bongs are very efficient at filtering out some impurities related to the combustion of cannabis, but the most desirable elements – cannabinoids and terpenes – remain unaffected, delivering powerful and flavorful hits.


Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. There are not two, three, not even five, but ten advantages to using a bong. Here they are!


You don’t need to make fake cards to buy yourself a high quality bong. If you know where to look, you will find numerous possibilities to suit your budget.

Just by browsing the internet, you will find bongs of different materials, sizes and prices. You will then be able to understand which ones work best, thanks also to the help offered by the reviews of the buyers.

And if you have the budget, feel free to choose the high-end models, such as those made of borosilicate glass . What’s great about bongs is that some are equipped to handle both herbs and dabs . If you find one of these models, you are in luck.