I know, it’s a hard time for all of us. The whole world is under the threat of this pandemic. Due to COVID-19, so many people have lost their lives, lives, jobs,  and families, and many more things.  So first of all, we should thank God for we are alive, safe, and happy with our family. Due to lockdown, we can’t go outside. There are a lot of things that are not available. Everyone is in depression and sadness. So this year, we should definitely celebrate Christmas. So if you are planning not to celebrate Christmas, then after this you will definitely change your mind. This year, we will thank God for keeping us and our loved ones safe, and alive. Also, this Christmas we will pray to God to show more kindness to us, and help us to find the solution to this pandemic. I know, you must be thinking, you are saying we should celebrate Christmas and do all the fun. But the question is how it is possible. How we will find all the things from decor to the food. So don’t worry, I have a solution to all of your queries. It’s my promise if you will go with my planning. You will do so much fun with your loved ones.

How to get things?

I know, this is the first question that comes in your mind. Look first let’s make a list of what are things we need for the Christmas celebration, from merry christmas cake to decor. After this list, let’s make a list of what are things you can make at your home. Once this list will be sorted. Half of the work is done. Those things which you can’t make at your home, you can order online. Look it’s Christmas so it should be rocking. And yes, before proceeding for the next step. I want to tell you all one thing, as we all know, the situation of people in this lockdown. So this Christmas light up candles and send sweetness of cake and cookies to others’ life also. So you can’t go outside but you can order online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore. In this way, you can make needy and poor people Christmas merrier with yours. Okay now, let’s go for the next step.


I don’t think this will be an issue, because most of us bake a cake for Christmas at our home. So this year, we will do the same or we have ordered online options too. So it’s up to you, what you will prefer this Christmas. If you want to bake a cake at home but you don’t have sufficient ingredients. You can use biscuits too, in fact, for new year theme cake too


Now, let’s come to one of the major things, decor. It’s Christmas so decoration should be at the top. Yes, you need a Christmas tree. So if you have last year’s Christmas tree, then wash it and use it. If you don’t have then use DIY and make a Christmas tree at your home. You just need two or three things to make your homemade Christmas tree. I am sure there will be lots of decoration materials at your home. Because Diwali just comes one month before Christmas. So you can use the Diwali wall lights, candles, garland, etc. The wreath you can make at your home or you can use a DIY for this. So now, I think I have solved the decoration problem.


For fun what to do, you are at home you have so many options to do. Like you can plan a movie night with your loved ones. You can play lots of games with your family. You can do lots of competitions like eating, doing creative and many more things. You can keep singing competition at home. You can keep dancing competition at home. You all can exchange each other character for one day. I mean Ram will Shyam and Shyam will be Ram for one day. You can keep a virtual Christmas party with family and friends There are many more things you guys can do at home.

Gifts and food

I haven’t discussed more food. Because you will make it at home. For gifts, you can do DIY at your home or order online.

Here I tell you what are the things you can do at Christmas during the lockdown. I mean, cool ways to celebrate your lockdown Christmas, also tell you how you can do it. So now you know very well what to do and how to do it. So go and do lots of fun this Christmas with your lots of fun.