The hectic office schedule and work responsibilities can demotivate employees. The office is deemed to be a second home for staff as they spend around 9-10 hours every day at this place. This is why their office space should have a positive vibe that keeps them motivated to work with happiness and concentration. So what as a business owner should you do to create a motivating office space?  Well, there are a lot of things that can be done to ensure positivity at the office. And, making a small change to your office décor is one of them. Yes, adding décor items like inspirational paintings can make a big change in the atmosphere of the workplace.

Here we will help you with the top 5 paintings that will help you to create motivating office space. So, let us move directly to the list of paintings without further ado.

1. Buddha Paintings

To create a motivation aura inside the office, the painting should have motivating aspects. And, what can be more appropriate than a Buddha painting. Lord Buddha encourages people to stay positive and keep working hard for their dreams. When the people at the office look at this divine painting, their minds and souls would be motivated to give their best performance. When someone works hard, God rewards them in some or the other way.

It is believed that putting Buddha paintings in the reception or entrance area of the office will keep intruders and negative energies miles away. His picture will stimulate positivity and blessings to everyone the office space.

2. Abstract Paintings

Another piece of motivating painting for office spaces is abstract art. Yes, abstract paintings too can create an inspiring aura at the workplace. Abstract artwork shows random things that sometimes seem insensible but they still look exquisite. Similarly, it stimulates the feeling of uniqueness. In simple words, it conveys a strong message to people at office that every individual is different, has different qualities and talent. So, they should value themselves instead of comparing to colleagues or peers. A sense of self-confidence is passed by abstract paintings.

Owing to the artistic appearance and superb color blend, it can be a part of any office room- boss cabins, employees’ workspace, reception, and even pantry area. Apart from creating a motivated space, it will improve the look of the office too!

3. Floral Paintings

Flowers are ultimate natural beauty elements that can bring smile on anyone’s face instantly. This is why floral paintings should be a part of your office space. An intricate oil painting of Goldenrod flowers will take no time to boost encouragement in your employees. Such paintings not just look fascinating in a formal interior but also makes a sense from motivation point of view. You don’t have to do much like changing the wall colors, adding other wall artefacts, etc as a floral painting in itself is enough to fulfil the purpose.

Of so many types and designs of floral paintings, you can use your creativity to style them up in the office. Be it your official cabin, reception area, or corridor, a wall art with beautiful flowers will look just extraordinary.

4. Landscape Paintings

Each and every element of nature has an instinctive quality of development and growth. Therefore, hanging a landscape painting with green scene, or mountain landscape will help employees and managers stay encouraged to give the best performance every day. If they’re feeling low or stuck on professional grounds, and are facing challenges in growth, the positive vibes from landscape paintings will help them keep moving forward without any negative thoughts and low confidence. Such paintings will motivate them to grab new opportunities in life, and bring fortune to both their life and your organization.

Thence, if your reception area faces East direction, a green landscape painting can bring Vastu benefits to your office by creating a motivating ambiance.

5. Classical Indian Art

Classical Indian Art is the last painting style on our list that brings motivation to your office space. With a vintage vibe and magical touch, each painting shows the uniqueness of Indian history. There are 4 exclusive styles of classical Indian art- Mughal, Pahari, Rajasthani, and Deccani Indian Art. No matter what painting style you choose for your office, they promise to boast enthusiasm and encouragement in your staff. Each piece of miniature art depicts the ancient lifestyle.

Final Words

In order to boast motivation and enthusiasm in your office, these 5 painting styles are perfect! Each piece of painting is unique in its own way. Additionally, they are highly auspicious and sensible from view of Vastu Shastra. So, get some paintings for your office today and let the good energies do their job.