Knowing how they are made can help you with deciding which material and frame are the best for you. Everyone has different needs and what suits them the best so with proper knowledge you won’t have any issues after your first purchase. It doesn’t have to be specifically eyeglasses, sunglasses are almost made the same way the only difference is the lenses.

Frame Manufacturing

Manufacturing will differ depending on which material you use. The process for wood or metal isn’t the same but each of them needs to undergo inspection in order to be for sale. Every material has its own benefits so you should decide base on what works for you. Metal is lightweight but is prone to bending compared to wood. Rubber can withstand a lot of stress but it isn’t as comfortable as metal.

After inspection, the optometrist will use a machine to trace the structure and size of the frame. This part is very important because they need to adapt them to your prescription to fit the lenses. The next step is to make the lenses that will match the dimensions you desire.

Making the Lenses

In order to fit into your Gucci Glasses frame, they need to be cut out properly which starts with blanks that are the raw material. Depending on the features you add to the glasses, they will use certain blanks. For example, if you want blue light protection, they will start with X-blue blanks. They will use extreme force and heat to cut it according to your prescription.

The next step would be to polish with special tools that are used for different curvatures. After it’s fined and polished, they will need to unblock it by using the wax deblocking method. They will need to repeat the process if any issue occurs unless it was tinted which can be modified.

Some manufacturers will add special coating like anti-scratch or something that will add extra protection. There is also anti-UV and anti-glare coating that you can apply. This may increase the price but you will have a pair of glasses that you can wear every daily on every occasion.

Final Touches

The last step for your optometrist would be to use their skill and fit the lenses into the frames and it will be ready for you. Most of the models will be available right away but it takes some time if you are making an order with specific needs. It will usually take 2 to 5 days for them to cut out the glass and prepare it. To find out more check this: https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/lens.htm

Depending on the brand and if you want extra features like blue light protection, it may take up to 10 days or less if you found a good retailer. The one thing you need to be careful about is where you are buying them because it is important for your health. Find a reputable seller or ask someone you know that has the experience and can recommend a website.