CBD is known for its incredible pain-relieving properties. Besides treating joint pain, muscle pain, and backache, it is also effective in curing menstrual pain. There are several prescription-based pain killer medicines available but they all come with their share of side effects.

CBD naturally alleviates pain without causing any discomforting side effects in the body. Also, its effect can be experienced in just twenty minutes. Let us learn about how to use CBD to get lasting relief from menstrual pain.

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How Does CBD Give Pain Relief In Menstruation?

Our body has an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for regulating several physical and mental processes such as sleep, mood, digestion, pain, immune system, etc.

There are two fundamental receptors like CB1 and CB2 present in the central nervous system of the body. These cannabinoid receptors impact the transmission as well as interpretation of sensations such as itch and pain.

CBD interferes with the working of the ECS system and blocks the painful response generated from the receptors. In this way, it helps reduce the painful sensation in the body. Besides this action, CBD also exhibits remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in reducing pain associated with menstruation.

Impact Of CBD In PMS

The topical application of CBD products is effective at alleviating unbearable cramping, and painful spells of intense pain that leave impair your productivity and concentration.

It promotes muscle relaxation while lowering inflammation, and stress in the body. In just a few minutes of application or ingestion of the topical product, you will get quick and lasting relief.

Here are a few benefits of CBD In PMS:

  • Being an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD can restrict the extent of swelling, and inflammation that results in pain.
  • CBD works on vanilloid receptors that are specific temperature-controlling nerve receptors in the body. Through this receptor, it numbs painful sensations in the nerve fibers. In this way, a person instantly gets pain relief without any adverse side effects.

How To Get The Best Pain Relief In PMS?

The quality of the CBD product that you consume or apply is proportional to the quality of result you will obtain from it. So, whenever you are buying a CBD product to treat an ailment, you should look at its ingredients, purity, and sourcing.

These are the fundamental indicators of its purity and effectiveness. Also, ensure the brand you choose should be reputable and renowned. CBD-infused tinctures are seen to be quite effective and quick-acting. In just a few minutes of their application, you will a substantial reduction in the pain.


CBD has helped women get relief from disturbing symptoms during menstruation such as stomach cramps, backache, headache, etc. It maximizes the pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing benefits of cannabis without causing any psychotropic effect.