A smart entertaining platform, Android TV provides access to all your favourite movies, games, music, and shows. Easy to control and navigate through remote many android TV also come with a voice command. So now watching TV with android, has made the viewing experience dynamic and easy.Android TV comes with various features, where you can easily browse your phone-based applications into your television screen.

What you can do if you have an android television

  • You can search for anything universally
  • You can easily navigate through google cast
  • You can play millions of games available on play stores
  • It comes with google assistance as well
  • You can give voice commands through remote
  • Browse through various applications and watch your favourite movies on a TV screen instead of a small phone screen

The key feature of an android television

A well organised content

The most admiring thing about android Led TV is that it keeps your preference properly analyzed and recommends similar contents for you. The top side of the TV will show all recommended content based on your previous watching mixed through various channels like YouTube, play store, movies, or other applications.

You can search for various things universally

Any android LED TV gives you two options through which you can browse your content universally, you can either type on the search bar engine or give voice commands. Such TV enables you to subscribe to multiple entertaining platforms such as Netflix, Prime, or Youtube, and that too at a very minimal cost.So now you can universally search for the content through your smart android television.

Read bios and filmographies 

 With Android television, you can read about your actor or actress bio or all the information related to the show. Say for instance you watched a movie starring Chris Pratt and you want to see what other movies he was in; you can search for the actor name on your smart LED TV, which will give you all the results and also the platform from where you can watch his other movies.

Make a voice command 

Scrolling can be boring and annoying. It requires patience to find what you are searching for. However, with voice search, you can just speak and find what you are looking for, which makes this smart TV time efficient.

A google cast support 

All android Television has a built-in google cast which helps in streaming all the desired content on your television. Google chrome cast can help in displaying your device on your television.

Play as many games as you want 

Hook yourself to the fanciest and thrilling games available on the play store. Some you can play for free whereas some come with minimal charges.

Make use of google assistance

With google smart assistance integrated into smart LED TV exactly like the way it’s available on android phone. With the help of assistance, you can check news, schedules, browse through different things around the world.

The surrounding sound system

With Dolby Audio installed on your Android TV, you can experience high-quality entertainment and viewing experience. You can get better sound quality while playing your favourite shows and movies.

It gives you a theatre experience with its surrounding sound every time, everywhere. So instead of hitting cinemas, you can watch your favourite shows and movies with refined and excellent sound quality that adds realism and depth to your viewing experience.

In conclusion

Smart, premium, good picture, and sound quality, Android TV can provide you multiple channel viewing, playing games, music, and exploring the latest news and information easily and makes it a dynamic experience altogether.With built-in assistance, superior picture quality, and wide viewing angles, Sanyo Kaizen Android TV can make watching television a phenomenal experience.