Every company which has a website needs the best search engine optimization companythat could give them their desired results. There are certain steps that you should follow when working with an SEO agency. These steps are very important and a proper understanding of every step would build a strong relationship between you and the SEO agency.

Prepare your team

You must get your team together before you lookout for the best search engine optimization company. You must discuss the goals and objectives of your brand with your team and also discuss how an SEO agency can impact your business. Your team members should comprise of those who will work closely with the SEO agency as they will be the ones that communicate between your team and the SEO agency.

Discussion session

The purpose of working with an SEO agency could be due to various reasons. These could be for ranking higher, generating further traffic, driving sales, or all of these. Discuss your expectations with the SEO agency so that they can develop SEO strategies that will be beneficial for your website. All these can be discussed through a discovery session with the SEO agency.

Research work and Recommendations

After the discussion about the situation of your business, needs, and goals of your SEO company, watch out for the next steps of the agency. A genuine agency would conduct research work, and try to understand the target audience, goals, and the business. After the completion of their research work, the SEO agency would share recommendations of the things which need t to be done to get the maximum results.

Contract with Deliverables

After the completion of the research work and the recommendations, if both parties are satisfied, you are likely to receive a contract from the SEO agency with the deliverables. The terms and conditions can often be very detailed which requires proper knowledge and you should share with your relevant team members. You should also share this with your legal team to avoid any problems in the future

Onboarding process

The SEO company which you choose would want access to your certain digital assets. These could include passwords of blogs or websites, login codes of analytics tools, and other such assets. To build a strong relationship with your company, most SEO agencies begin a detailed onboarding process. In this session, the agency defines the project scope, timelines of delivery, and communication channels among others.


Choosing the best search engine optimization company is an important part of a company and these steps will lead to a strong relationship between the two.