Visible or concealed, no pipe should leak, or else it can create big problems for house owners. Risks are of course higher when hidden pipes start leaking because you wouldn’t know about it unless there is some serious damage.

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Why do you have water leaks?

Water pipes don’t exactly start leaking without any reason. The best way to avoid hidden leaks is to know these reasons, and thereby avoid such situations.

1. Higher water pressure

Every plumbing system has its own limit of handling water pressure. If the pressure is higher than what it should be, water starts leaking and at times even the weaker parts of the pipes burst. High water pressure can be because of clogs in a pipe, maladjusted regulator, etc.

2. Wear and tear

Just like any other thing, your plumbing materials age, and this can cause leakage. Pipe connections usually loosen over time and even the washers lose their thickness. In simple words, an old plumbing system is likely to have water leaks.

3. Improper maintenance

When small repairs are not handled well they can cause hidden leaks and thereby serious damage to the property. Usually, DIY repairs and installation can cause bigger issues than expected. For instance, when you end up damaging concealed pipes while punching holes on walls.

4. Corrosion

Most of the plumbing parts are metallic, but they undergo anticorrosive treatments. However, with time the effectiveness of this treatment wears off, and pipes develop cracks and holes. This triggers water leaks.

5. Chilly Temperatures

Many homeowners complain that their water pipes burst in extreme temperatures. Well, it is believable since water expands when it freezes, and thus causes cracks in pipes. Over time, cracks expand and water starts leaking, especially when water pressure is higher.

What happens when water leaks are not treated immediately

Leaky pipes are surely troublesome, but that is not all. When hidden water leaks are not treated timely, they can cause some very serious and damaging issues to your home. Some of the potential dangers of hidden water leaks are:

  • Development of mold and mildew: When plumbing leaks don’t dry quickly, they cause mold and mildew, which in return can damage your property and healthy severely.
  • Pest infestation: Moist and humid environment attracts pests. So, if you have hidden leaks, be ready to deal with pest infestation soon.
  • Structural issues: Most of the building materials face serious damage when exposed to moisture. This means water leaks can damage your entire structure.
  • High utility bills: When your water supply pipe starts leaking, your water bill increases. After all, you are paying for the water you never used. Also, your electricity bill increases, because your AC works harder because of the high humidity in your house.

Well, there you go. Now, since you know how impactful a small water leakage can be, don’t take it for granted. If you suspect any leaks, call professionals like Wilco Plumbing right away.