Fantasy online cricket is the new trend and allows cricketing fans to take their excitement and thrill to next level. Fantasy online cricket has paved the way for cricketing fans to make use of their extensive cricketing knowledge to good use and earn good rewards from it. This platform provides the opportunity for the individual to be in control and have the most fun and excitement while watching the live match. The craze for online fantasy cricket has increased significantly in the last few years and this is something that is going to remain in the future. There are various best fantasy cricket games from where one can join their fantasy cricket journey. Once the individual gets the taste of it there is no way one can stop playing these online fantasy cricket games.

But how exactly do online fantasy cricket games work? Under fantasy online games one needs to make their cricketing team of 11 players from both the teams playing the live match. One also needs to select the captain and vice-captain of their team. Based on how the selected players perform in the actual match, the individual is awarded points or rewards. Fantasy cricket online allows the individual a fair chance as one is not dependent on one team and as it is mandatory to select the players from both the team. As there are different formats and leagues of cricket taking place all over the globe, fantasy cricket allows the individual to select any format and thus based on which one can start building their team.

Many people are of the assumption that fantasy cricket is a game of luck and anyone can play this game without any concept. There is no denying that the concept of fantasy cricket is simple and any layman can understand and play it but in no way this game is merely a game of luck. This is because to win under a fantasy online game one needs to make predictions which can only be possible when the individual has good knowledge about the cricketing world. A lot of factors go into the selection of a team and without taking into consideration all the factors, there is no way an individual stands a chance in making big in the online fantasy game. To gain a chance of winning in the online fantasy game, one needs to pay attention to the type of pitch, weather conditions, players’ past performance, and any new information about the particular match. Thus without proper use of skills and knowledge, one cannot build the right team.

All the online fantasy games have certain rules and regulations as well as steps that every individual needs to adhere to. These rules guide in the selection of players from both the team. The first thing an individual is required to do is to register with the right online fantasy game and select the match for which you would like to form the team of 11 players and then click on the join now. For the selection of players the steps that one needs to follow for building their team is mentioned below:

  • The minimum number of batsmen that can be included in the team is 3 while it should not exceed more than 6. The selection of batsmen depends upon the pitch. One must select the batsmen which are in good form by looking into their previous performances.
  • Similarly, in the case of bowlers, the minimum number required is 3 and the maximum number is 6. Its selection also depends upon pitch. Trying avoiding going for the part-time bowler to earn more.
  • For all-rounders, the minimum number is 3 and the maximum is 4. All-rounder can both bat and bowl. Choose accordingly.
  • Concerning wicketkeeper, the minimum is 1 and that maximum is 4. They are interesting players as they bat also. Go for the one who is good in batting and keeping and gets a chance to bat too.
  • Within the 11 players, one needs to select the captain as well as the vice-captain and one must make this decision very carefully as they are awarded the maximum rewards. It is recommended to select the top all-rounders as teams’ captain and vice-captain to make difference to your point system.

After the team has been selected one can sit back as now everything depends upon the performance of the players in the actual match. Fantasy online game provides the individual a perfect way to earn rewards while enjoying watching their cricket match. One can earn good points in fantasy cricket games by learning certain tips and tricks. These are mentioned below:

  • One must remain aware and updated about all the rules. One must be aware of any change in a rule as it can impact the selection of the team.
  • The making of fantasy games involves budget constraints. This thereby makes it impossible for an individual to select all the best players in top form. The individual under fantasy games selects their players on the points allocated to them. Thus one must focus on reaching the perfect balance of top players and young players so that one chance of making big in the fantasy game improves.
  • The pitch condition is a very important factor that one must know as it impacts the selection of the team. This information provides the individual with the upper hand. Pitch conditions will dictate which player is suited to play the match and how many batsmen and bowlers are to be played. Any mistake in analyzing pitch conditions will result in the formation of the wrong team that no individual will ever want.
  • The understanding of the point system is very important in forming the team. One must select their team of 11 players in such a way that everyone contributes towards the game as the players one selected in the team and in actual they are not playing no point will be rewarded to the individual.

Hence with the help of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, one can earn well in fantasy cricket play online. These games will add up to ones thrill and excitement and also allows earn side money.