When working with launching the website hosting comes as the prime requirement. Hosting is the base through which a website gets online access. A user can lend to your website when it has been hosted through a strong web hosting service.

In today’s time, several types of hosting services are available. These hosting services distinguish based on size, operating system, security, user interface, accessibility, etc.

Web hosting services are mainly available as Windows and shared Linux web hosting. As we know Linus and Windows are the two kinds of operating system where Linux is the most popular operating system for web servers.

Shared Linux web hosting service is quite featured and preferred by most people. Unless there is a specific need of windows web hosting, people prefer Linux for the long-term convenience.

This post dedicates to highlight difference between the Windows and shared Linux web hosting service.

Windows Specific Application: 

It is wise to go with the windows web hosting when the user uses the shared Linux web hosting service. It is not commonly required for the most average hosting users. Every operating system has some specific requirements. Fortunately, shared Linux web hosting works appropriately in shared hosting environments.

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However, if your website builds on some specific windows-based applications like ASP classic, ASP.NET, MSSQL, MS Access, C#, etc. then it is better to select windows shared hosting server.

Linux Specific Application: 

Shared Linux web hosting considers as a free and open source platform that has remained an industry standard and is a commonly used operating system today. It is the most popular choice for web servers and has more of the features that professional web designers expect.

However, there are specific applications like SSH that mainly require Linux web server to run and work adequately.

Control Panel: 

Whether it is a windows web hosting or Shared Linux web hosting, both require different control panel.

For Linux based hosting, cPanel is available on all Linux based hosting plans like Linux shared, reseller, VPS and Linux dedicated server. WHM that is Web Host Manager is available on Linux reseller, VPS< and dedicated server.

There is another popular cPanel on Windows shared and dedicated server. One needs to choose the control panel as per the necessity. If the right selection of cPanel is performed then the work would get smooth and easy.

File Names: 

This is another crucial difference between Linux and Windows web hosting. Linux files are case sensitive while windows files are not. So, if you choose the shared Linux web hosting server, then it is required to pay extra attention while saving a file.

Server Security: 

Most people consider Linux to be more secure than Windows, both operating system are equally secure. Security feature actually matters a lot, thus for both kind of server promises for the better security. The security feature depends more upon the server setup and the administrators running the server.

Hosting provider managed servers are maintained with latest security and performance patches and configured for optimal security.

Cost Savings: 

This is another major difference that increase likeness of shared Linux web hosting over windows. Linux is an open source web hosting server where the user only needs to pay for the technical support to install and maintain it. The cost of technical support costs is generally spread among all the web hosting clients, so the cost that is passed onto the client company is relatively small. However, in Windows the company uses the windows servers either pay for the operating system or pays a periodic software license.


It has been said about the shared Linux web hosting server that it uses less resources in compare to Windows web hosting and make the system more efficient.

Overall, Windows and Linux web hosting distinguish on many factors and some are in favour and some are not. You should choose the web hosting server as per your requirement or the features that qualifies your hosting needs. If you are in doubt and struggling to select between Windows and Linux, then contact a technical support person through a service to understand the available packages and their benefits. Selection of web hosting is a long-term investment and it affects the overall work, thus it should be done wisely.