Through the years people have seen different trends in the commercial industry come and go, constantly changing and evolving, with some big trends here to stay. With several influential architects and interior designers, there are a variety of trends that have emerged in high-pressure laminate surfaces along with different designs, textures and colors that provide a modern yet familiar feel in commercial as well as household spaces. Manufacturers are looking for new and alternative ways to create trends while keeping it cost-effective as well as eco-friendly and stylish. Due to its range of functionalities, you will see laminate surfacing used a lot more in commercial spaces.

High-pressure laminates are one of the very few materials that perfectly blends in with stylish versatility, durability and can be used in any type of industry, especially residential and commercial interiors. This material is versatile, cost-effective, strong, eco-friendly, innovative and stylish, making it highly popular.

Here are some of the reasons why HPL is widely preferred.

  • It is both stylish and versatile 

High-pressure Laminating has so many options to choose from and is extremely flexible. You can pick between textured, smooth, modern, trendy and even a retro design in an array of colors and textures which make this product perfect for the coming years. HPL makes it much easier to combine intricate and complex patterns and colors to stay ahead of the game, especially in commercial spaces. It allows stylists, architects and builders to realize its versatility and endless potential, and no matter what you want, whether rustic wood, smooth metal, glossy finish, it can be provided to you.

  • Budget-friendly lamination


One of the best things about High-Pressure laminates in India is the amount of money you save on this material as compared to real wood or stone. HPL is so convincing, that people are unable to tell it from the real thing, which allows designers much more freedom to come up with different concepts. They can create a laminated look cost-effectively and then the rest of the money can be used for more important things like furniture, equipment and facilities.

  • Durable and reliable 

HPL is extremely durable owing to its manufacturing process, it can be used in places which may sustain a high risk of damage. The design needs to be durable as well as stylish and capable of taking heavy hits without much damage, this is better than stone or wood which will crack and chip when exposed to damage. High-pressure laminates can be kept clean easily which makes it a great choice to be used in medical industries, hospitals and even restaurants in which the design can be both reliable and practical.

  • Eco-friendly option 

Decorative laminatesare designed while keeping the environment in mind and designers have to come up with a concept that is both convenient and environmental-friendly. HPL contains paper but this paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and is a greener choice as compared to other materials. This is one of the main reasons why it is an increasing trend and pretty popular.

  • Intelligent and an innovative design 

This versatile material has led to a whole new wave of modern architects trying out its possibilities and exploring its elaborate patterns, exciting creations, and unique identity. Creating a style through the use of shapes, patterns and colors is much easier with HPL and it varies from sleep and modern to minimalist and rustic.

In Conclusion 

It is clear to see why so many architects and designers are using high-pressure laminates for their commercial as well as building spaces. This material is affordable, flexible, durable, and nature-inspired and at the same time, it is practical and allows ease of maintenance.